We are committed to provide quaility technical education in the field of Mechanical Endineering to meet the global expectations of industries and society.


We are committed to produce competent and highly motivated Mechanical Engineering graduates by imparting quality education to cater the needs of technological


and socio economic development of the country and globe.





1) To develop skilled mechanical engineers to meet the rapid technology advances in the industries.


2) To encourage professional training and research in cutting edge technology to develop and strengthen industrial exposure.


3) To develop multifaceted personalities with sound academic and business alumni.


4) To inculcate moral and ethical values in students.


5 ) To develop inclusive, collaborative and responsible citizen for life long learning.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

  1. To prepare students for successful careers in industry / technical profession that meet the needs of Indian & multinational companies & excel in post graduate programs.

  2. To provide students with a solid foundation in mathematical, scientific & Mechanical Engineering fundamentals required to solve engineering problems.

  3. To develop the ability among students to synthesize data & technical concept for application to product design.

  4. To inculcate in student effective communication skills, teamwork skills, multidisciplinary approach & ability to relate engineering issues to professional ethics & codes of professional practice.