Vision :


          Developing versatile technocrats in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering to cater to the needs of technological and socio economic development of the country and globe.



  Mission :

  1. To foster research based quality technical education in Electronics and Communication engineering.

  2. To develop skilled engineers to meet the rapid technological advances in the industries.

  3. To develop multifaceted personalities with sound academics and business acumen.

  4. To nurture high moral values in budding technocrats.

  5. To provide engineers with perfect blend of knowledge and social responsibilities to the society.Prepare Students to have professiona skills with ethical attitude to function as members of multi-disciplinary teams in Engg. and other industries and to assume leadership role in addressing the technical issues.

    Programme Education Objectives

- To make our graduates to access, analyze, plan and also able to aptly apply their acquired knowledge in basic sciences and maths in solving Electronics and Communication engg. problems with economic, environmental social contexts thereby preparing them for professional expertise in industry, research.

- To acquire necessary technical knowledge to pursue successful careers, involve in research and development, to address and solve/design to fulfill the needs of the society in ETC

-To produce knowledgeable graduates to analyze and design/develop a component/system for the required needs using modern engineering tools, software and equipment under the realistic constraints.