Imparting quality technical education in the field of Computer Science and Engineering for providing efficient

 technocrats to meet the global challenges.



1) To develop quality technocrats by implementing advanced pedagogy and research.

2) To provide qualified and trained manpower to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based industries. 

3) To encourage students to become self employed with relevant  technical knowledge .

4) To develop Computer Science Professionals with  high moral and ethical values.

5) To fulfill the expectations of society by creating resourceful and responsible Engineers.




1.  Industry ready and knowledgeable engineers: To prepare graduates to acquire a fulfilling

     profession for  employment in Industry or academia, and postgraduate study in engineering.

 2. Productive and modern engineers: Develop competence in applying knowledge of

     mathematics, science and engineering; enabling graduates to solve engineering problems

     in a modern technological society as valuable productive engineers.

 3. Multifaceted computer professionals: To expose students to various computer engineering

      areas that broaden their technical breadth enabling them to function on multidisciplinary domains.

 4. Innovative thinkers and researchers: To provide an individual with an academic environment

     to inculcate innovative thinking and research attitude.

 5. Ethical Professionals: To instill a sense of social, professional-ethical responsibility and

     an ability to communicate effectively.