Student Forum:-

Formation of Student’s Association:

The students’ association of biotechnology – “SYNAPSE” was inaugurated by the hands of Dr. H. F. Daginawala, a renowned figure in the field of biotechnology with international orientation.  The term “SYNAPSE” itself conveys the meaning that Biotechnology is the culmination of Biology with Technology. 

There is a wide gap between these two fields. Our budding biotechnologists would rightly bridge these two areas.  Enormous applications of biotechnology in our day-to-day life from identification, monitoring, preservation of healthy environment, to household preparation of bread and curd makes this area highly interesting.  Under this banner, the students were encouraged to conduct guest lectures, poster competitions and other cultural activities.

   Release of Departmental Magazine: Followed by the inauguration of the student’s association, a departmental magazine “SYNAPSE” was released.  Students were encouraged to gather information from reputed science journals and from electronic media in the form of short articles.  The articles of the students were then critically scrutinized, selected and edited suitably by Ms. Raka Biswas and Dr. Aeishwarya Kopulwar. Annual student activities were also highlighted in departmental magazine with major advances in this field. 

Third consecutive departmental magazine “SYNAPSE” was released. The articles of the students were then critically scrutinized, selected and edited suitably by departmental staff. Editorial part was managed by Dr.A.P.Kopulwar.

Under this forum, Dr. H. F. Daginawala, Ex-head of the department, Department of Biotechnology was invited to enlighten our students and faculty members over the recombinant vaccines in the field of genetic engineering.

Guest lecture of Dr. M.S.Phalak, Research Coordinator, Ankur seeds was organized to explain the importance of molecular markers in crop improvement.