Research and Development Cell

Priyadarshani Institute of Engineering and Technology has set up the Office of Research & Development Cell to provide specialised administrative and managerial support for the operation of sponsored research, consultancy and other related R&D activities of the Institute. It promotes and manages all externally funded research and development projects. The key role of the Cell of R&D is to provide a creative atmosphere in research and development activities of the Institute.

Dr.R.S. Khedkar is the Coordinator of this Cell.

The Aim of the R & D Cell is to Promote Coordinate And Implement Research And Development Programs in the Institute by the teaching staff for the benefit of the society and as well resulting in improvement in academic progress.

The R & D cell provides the teaching staff with an opportunity to assimilate practical aspects of Engineering and its applications, this activity also helps improve the Teaching Learning Process in the Institute.

The Goals and Objective of R & D Cell are - to promote

  • research and Research Projects including Multidisciplinary Research
  • Institute- R&D Organization- Industry Collaboration
  • Patents & IPR Knowledge
  • Core Competence and Consultancy
  • PhD Progam Management