To improve quality of teaching and learning process we need to study the world best practice, focusing both on pedagogical and classroom education, in view of this we carry teaching orientation session and assistance for new staff and also guidance for preparation of teaching materials to contribute to improving the curriculum. Thus the Institute endeavours to promote student centred learning. Each student is motivated to take the ownership of his/her learning and reflect on the learning process. Further, we inculcate combination of lecture based teaching and experimentation learning. Project based learning is another salient feature of the teaching and learning process. Internship/Training and project based courses are part of curriculum. This courses are supervised and student are given sufficient support by faculty to apply their learning and learn from real life situation. We have had try our level best to maintain quality of Instruction in an individual course and also endeavour to improve the quality of instructional program. We practice active learning exercise may address a variety of objectives, some example follow.


- Recalling prior material

- Responding to question

- Problem solving

- Explain written material.

            We also perform some novel methodology like cooperation learning, in which students working in teams to accomplish an assigned task and produce a final product. Technology mediated learning requires adjustments in the teaching – learning process for both faculty and student creating an inviting classroom atmosphere, modifying instructional design and content for revising the teaching

– learning process for use with interaction Video lectures, power point presentation etc.