Name of Laboratories: Unit Operation

Practical course conducted: 1)Fluid Mechanics

                                                  2)Mechanical Operation

Unit 1

Unit 2 2

List of Major Equipment’s

1) Plate and Frame Filter Press

10) Vibrating Table

2) Leaf Filter

11) Stokes Law Apparatus

3) Cyclone Separator

12) Packed Bed Column

4) Ribbon Mixture

13) Bernoullis Equipment

5) Sigma Mixture

14) Flow through V Notch

6) Trommel

15) Flow through Orifice & Mouthpieces

7) Sieve Shaker

16) Combined Flow Measurement

8) Jaw Crusher

17) Reynolds Apparatus

9) Ball Mill

18) Impacts of Jets Apparatus


Name of Laboratories: Heat transfer

Practical course conducted: Heat Transfer



List of Major Equipment’s

1) Agitated Vessel

2) Emmissivity Apparatus

3) Forced Convection Apparatus

4) Pin Fin Apparatus

5) Lagged Pipe Apparatus

6) Natural Convection Apparatus

7) Double Pipe Heat Exchanger

8) Two Phase Heat Transfer Unit

9) Rising Film Evaporator

10) Thermal Conductivity(Metal Bar)

11) Guarded Hot Plate Method

12) Finned tube Heat Exchanger

13) Stefans-Boltzman Apparatus

14) Stokes Law Apparatus

15) Agitator

16) 1-2 shell & tube heat exchanger

17) Open pan Evaporator

18) Muffle Furnace

19) Heat Pipe

20) Lagged pipe apparatus


Name of Laboratories: Mass Transfer

Practical course conducted: Mass Transfer

mt1 mt2

List of Major Equipment’s

1) Kinetic Dissolution (Benzoic Acid)

2)Vapor in Air Diffusion Apparatus

3) Solid Gas Diffusion Apparatus

4) Adsorption Column

5)Batch Crystallizers

6) Fluidized Bed Dryer

7) Atmospheric Tray Dryer

8) Cooling Tower


Name of Laboratories: Separation Process

Practical course conducted: Separation Process



List of Major Equipment’s

1) Packed Distillation Column

2) Sieve Plate Distillation Column

3) Vapor- Liquid Equil.(T-X,Y: Diagram)

4) Soxlet Apparatus


Name of Laboratories: Process Control

Practical course conducted: Process Dynamics & Control



List of Major Equipment’s

1) Level Control Trainer(DDC)

2) Temp. Control Trainer(DDC)

3) Control Valve Characteristics

4) Flapper Nozzle System

5) First & Second Order System


6) I/P & P/I Converter

7) Interacting & Non Interacting System

8) Pressure Control Trainer

9) Multi Process Trainer

10) Temperature Measurement system


Name of Laboratories: Chemical Reactor Design

Practical course conducted: Chemical Reactor Design





List of Major Equipment’s

1) Adiabatic Batch Reactor

2) Plug Flow Reactor

3)Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

4) Packed Bed Reactor

5) RTD Studies in PFR

6) RTD Studies in CSTR

7) Packed Bed Reactor

8) Isothermal Batch Reactor



Name of Laboratories: Chemical Technology Lab

Practical course conducted: Environmental Engineering



List of Major Equipment’s

1) Digital Weighing Balance

2) Digital Potentiometer

3) Digital moisture Analyzer

4) Digital Conductivity/ TDS Meter

5) Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter

6) Digital pH Meter

7) Water Bath

8) Distilled Water Plant


Name of Laboratories: Computer Lab

Practical course conducted: 1)NMCP   2)CCE



List of Systems: 18 Computer (Intel Processor 2.8 GHZ)