The cell is headed by

Prof. A.D.Bijwe , Coordinator

Contact No.: 9221387990



  • To promote the close interaction of industry and various departments of the institute.
  • To facilitate consultancy, sponsored R&D projects and industrial and academic trainings those are not prescribed in the syllabus
  • To conduct industrial exhibitions and interaction meets.   
  • To interact with industries situated in and around Nagpur, Maharashtra State and later expand the efforts to move the partnership and activities across India and Abroad.
  • This cell will enable the people and industries in particular to know about the facilities on training, testing and research activities in the college's departments.
  • To exposure to current industry practices, challenges and needs and update their skills when changes occur in technology,
  • To sensitize the teaching faculty to the latest practices leading them to blend practice with usual theoretical teaching methods


  • Students will be informed about the industrial requirements by organizing interactive programs with various industries viz. CTC- College to Corporate.
  • A center for “Creative Thinking” or “Alternative Thinking ” can be established in the college in collaboration with a industry, CII and a local NGO working in this area.


  • Organizing Workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the faculty and the industries.
  • Encouraging engineers from industry to visit Engineering Institution to deliver lectures.
  • Participation of experts from industry in curriculum development.
  • Arranging visits of staff members to various industry
  • Professional consultancy by the faculty to industries.
  • Industrial testing by faculty & technicians at site or in laboratory.
  • Joint research programmes and field studies by faculty and people from industries.
  • Visits of faculty to industry for study and discussions or delivering lectures on subjects of mutual interest.
  • Visits of industry executives and practicing engineers to the Institute for seeing research work and laboratories, discussions and delivering lectures on industrial practices, trends and experiences.
  • Memoranda of Understanding between the Institute and industries to bring the two sides emotionally and strategically closer.
  • Human resource development programmes by the faculty for practicing engineers.
  • Collaborative degree programmes.
  • U G (B.E.) and M.Tech projects/dissertation work in industries under joint guidance of the faculty and experts from industry.
  • Short-term assignment to faculty members in industries.
  • Visiting faculty/professors from industries.
  • Professorial Chairs sponsored by industries at the Institute.
  • R&D Laboratories sponsored by industries at the Institute.
  • Scholarships/fellowships instituted by industries at the Institute for students.
  • Practical training of students in industries.