Events at CSI:

As part of its endeavor to bring together and assimilate various aspects of IT, CSI conducts premier events such as a National Convention, Regional Conferences, Theme Conferences focusing on verticals etc. Apart from this number of workshops re-conducted at the local chapters to get such professionals together on a common platform. Besides the Convention, the Society also conducts an "Exhibition" which endeavors to bring in the manufacturers and system developers to exhibit their products & services to the professionals.

CSI Awards:

Achievement is a wonderful thing. But what makes it even more wonderful is being publicly acclaimed for it-especially in the presence of one's peers. That's why the CSI has instituted awards in several categories. Also members with many years of significant contribution to the IT industry are made Fellows of the Society. It is regarded as one of the most prestigious titles that an IT professional can receive in the country today. Most prestigious awards of CSI are :

  • CSI Nihilent E-Governance Awards
  • CSI IT Excellence Awards
  • CSI Young IT Professionals Awards
  • CSI Service Awards
  • CSI Academic Excellence Awards
  • CSI Fellowship and Hon. Fellowship Awards
  • CSI Lifetime Achievement Award

In addition CSI has its own face book page and a vibrant website which offers a lot of articles, information and counseling platform for all IT professionals. An active Digital Library preserves all the Digital Assets of CSI

Benefits for CSI Members: Knowledge Sharing and Networking

Being a CSI member one can avail the opportunities like :
Opportunity to participate in the international, national, regional and chapter events of CSI such as conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops, technical talks, free lectures on latest technological advancements in IT at discounted rates between 10%-50%.

Other important Chapter activities which offers a platform for networking with distinguished industry leaders, scientists, academicians include 

  • CSI-SPIN events
  • Knowledge Forum Activities
  • Security Forum Activities
  • symposia
  • CIO Meets
  • Annual CIO Summit

Opportunity to offer workshops/ trainings in collaboration with CSI.

Join Special Interest Group (SIG) for research, promotion, and dissemination activities for selected domains, both established and emerging.

Opportunity to deliver guest lecturers in educational institutes associated to CSI across India. Right to vote in CSI elections. Opportunity to become part of CSI management Committee at Chapter, Regional and National levels subject to the eligibility criteria.


Students chapter of CSI in PIET has been introduced under the CT Deptt. with the basic purpose of providing platform to students were they can get exposure of related to the latest scientific and educational advancement in the field of computer science. The students can get in touch with the organisations members consisting of professionals with varied backgrounds including Software developers, Scientists, Academicians, Project Managers and many others. The idea is to spread the knowledge, and provide opportunities to as many interested as possible. Currently around 200 students are enrolled under this program. Following are some glimpes of the CSI student forum :

csi 1 csi 2
csi 3 csi 4