This scheme was started to have one to one interaction with students. A teacher teaching to the class is assigned  a batch of about twenty students. This teacher plays the role of Teacher-Guardian. Teacher Guardian are supposed to be working as a friend, philosopher and guide for these students. The Teacher-Guardian counsels the students, if required, to solve difficulties encountered not only in college campus but in their personal lives too. Teacher guardians are the true mentors  to students and offers them emotional and academic support along with motivation. The Teacher-Guardian keeps the track of every student's day-to-day activities and keeps records of daily attendance, test results, internal assessment, sessional examination results and other related information of students in the specially designed teacher guardian Card. The Teacher-Guardian encourages the students to participate in co -curricular & extracurricular activities The Teacher-Guardian gives academic feedback to the parents/guardians regularly. 

  • One teacher is nominated as ‘Teacher Guardian’ for twenty students.
  • Teacher Guardian maintains all records of students in the form of sheets.
  • Teacher Guardian does all the follow up regarding attendance of students under his supervision.
  • Teacher guardian monitors academic performance of students.
  • The Teacher Guardian discourages the students from bad practices and encourages them to attend classes regularly
  • Helping students overcome home sickness.
  • Establishing rapport between teachers, student & parents.
  • Monitoring attendance and behavioural aspects of every student.
  • Identifying weak areas and working out remedies helping students thereby taking their complete care.