The Department of Applied Physics has faculty keenly devoted to teaching, research and knowledge based education. They have been actively involved in the academic improvement of students using a twofold approach. On one hand students are educated for better performance in examinations and on the other hand they are guided for better knowledge orientation. Over the years the department has made significant contributions to improvement in first year results as well as to research areas such as Elastic and Acoustic Studies of solids, Luminescence and radiation dosimetry and physics education.

The department has taken a proactive initiative to develop a Physics Knowledge Centre that aims to develop a knowledge based approach among students in order to equip them with abilities to face today’s knowledge based world with confidence and maturity. This initiative strives to convey how knowledge promises enjoyment, employment, empowerment and enlightenment through a series of knowledge centric activities.

The department has a team of six faculty members who have made notable contributions in their areas of research through papers in national and international journals and conferences of leading repute. The articles, books and vision documents contributed by the faculty have fetched accolades from persons of national and international.