Mrs. S. Chaturvedi,  Head, E&C Engineering Deptt.

The Department of Electronics and Communications was Established in 2002 with a view of imparting state of the art education in the cutting edge technologies of the world.  The Department has since then seen tremendous growth in all aspects. The Electronics and Communications department is housed in an ultramodern complex, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, creating an excellent learning ambience. The alumnus and the students are the stars of the department have always excelled in the University examinations, are placed in the best corporate globally, are working on the best technologies and are leaders in their field. The department is always at the forefront of technology and to keep the knowledge updated it has organized several activities like guest lectures, Seminars, workshops and industrial visits. The sanctioned intake in the 2002 was 60 students per year. Subsequently, the intake has been increased from 60 to 120 students during the year 2006-07.

               EC Department got approved Post Graduation Course M.Tech in Electronics Engineering(Communication) during the year 2010-11 with the intake of 18 Students per year. Department has well equipped & adequate laboratories with investment more than Rs. 1 crore till date.

This department is dedicated to the advancement, propagation and exploitation of knowledge in the field of engineering and technology. The department offers a four-year course culminating in the bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Masters of Engineering for two year with specialization in Communication. Dept is having latest art of advanced equipments in laboratory.

Team of dedicated, highly qualified faculty members is always kin to share their expertise with young budding engineers. Departmental faculty, supporting staff and students function like a close knit family which creates a very conducive atmosphere for student's development. All staff members are approachable to students for any of their problems, whether academic or non-academic. The department aims to develop the students technically and make them mentally strong to face the challenges ahead.

The Department also strives to offer its students excellent instructional and educational opportunities in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, thus providing a durable technical foundation in an environment of rapid technical change. In this process, it enables and promotes their professional growth through contact with best professional practice. The department thus tries to play a role of resource and technical leadership in national level development activities.